Now more than ever before, your business depends on diversity. The talent pool craves company cultures where their uniqueness is celebrated – and in return, they are offering the perspectives and engagement that will ultimately make you one of the companies who outperforms non-diverse teams by 35% (Harvard Business Review).

If you care about increasing revenue and retention, you need to care about closing the gap for women in tech. That’s where Girls in Tech comes in. From confidence and skill-building conferences to hackathons and free technical or startup courses, the Girls in Tech mission is to support women entirely with the access and community they need to succeed in their early careers in tech.

You play a key role in the solution. Whether your goals are to recruit diverse talent, be a thought leader, retain your current rock stars, mentor the next generation, or improve inclusivity by encouraging volunteer opportunities, Girls in Tech collaborates with you to customize our programming to achieve your goals.

Partnership benefits:

  • Tap into the global community and diversity of talent you’re looking for.
  • Position your company at the forefront of the diversity in technology pipeline and retention solution.
  • Increase your brand exposure as a company committed to diversity and inclusion with a world-renowned organization.
  • Support your employees in showing them your commitment to diversity and inclusion by giving them an opportunity to mentor and be a part of the recruitment process.
  • A chance to dynamically participate in Girls in Tech’s global campaigns, such as our International Women’s Day Campaign.
  • Impact metrics and reporting to measure program progress and ROI.
  • Create business partnerships with the chance to meet some of the most revered technologists and pioneers in Silicon Valley on stage as speakers.
  • Thought leadership and public relations opportunities.

Now is your chance to create a transformative company culture, shape a globally inclusive future, and achieve your recruitment and retention goals, all by partnering with Girls in Tech.

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