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Girls in Tech Taiwan Congratulates Hackathon Winner Safetii

Girls in Tech Taiwan hosted its launch event in partnership with Facebook on 11/14-11/15.

The event started with an introduction session of Girls in Tech, a mini workshop of value proposition, a tech talent panel featured panelists from Uber, Cisco, LinkedIn(former employee) and Digital River, and ended with a 12-hr hackathon for social good- Hack for a Cause. It was also the first Facebook Hackathon in Taiwan.

One week after the GIT launch event, people still miss the moments of joy so much. Some are still working on their app for public use soon to make real social impact. Some are inspired by the collaboration among teams and the spirit of open innovation. The hackathon winning team “Safetii” made a landing page and will release their app soon.

We have a proactive approach to your safety.Public safety is a broad term, and in this context we mean it to include the use of location for emergency response and raise awareness of the dangers.


Elizabeth Gore, Adriana Gascoigne, Anwaar Al-Zireeni (LPN USA Winner, Founder of Privail) and Duncan Logan

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

Elizabeth Gore, Adriana Gascoigne, Anwaar Al-Zireeni (LPN USA Winner, Founder of Privail) and Duncan Logan

Elizabeth Gore, Adriana Gascoigne, Anwaar Al-Zireeni (LPN USA Winner, Founder of Privail) and Duncan Logan

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a worldwide movement with the defining goal to empower women and their businesses, as well as gather a think tank of leaders to amplify and enhance key 21st Century leadership skills, such as cooperation, communication, and compassion commonly associated with women at home and in the workplace.

According to, computer science is a top paying college degree and computer programing jobs are growing at 2X the national average. Unfortunately, while 57% of bachelor’s degrees are earned by women, just 12% of computer science degrees are awarded to women.

Celebrate the incredible women entrepreneurs who have paved the way for others in tech by renting, gifting or buying CodeGirl movie. Inspire someone in your life to become a CodeGirl!

Why ‘Girls’ and not ‘Women’?

Girls in Tech recently engaged in an email exchange with some women who were offended by the use of the word ‘Girls’ in “Girls in Tech” and ‘Lady’ in “Lady Pitch Night”. We apologized to these women for any misunderstanding or offensiveness caused. We also wanted to provide insight on why we branded the organization and one of our trademark events with these names.

Why ‘Girls’ and not ‘Women’? In conceptualizing the organization, Adriana wanted to create a community, a platform and a resource to further women’s careers in technology, as well as to create excitement around potential opportunities within the technology and startup worlds. Diving deeper into the organization’s culture and brand, the first things that came to mind were cutting edge, fun, collaborative, carefree and embracing challenge and risk. To her, these adjectives are clearly exhibited in our youth of today, and in everyday life, she embraces being a girl at heart and understands that all women were that girl and have that youthful spirit in them that should celebrated rather than suppressed.

Additionally, Girls in Tech addresses audiences at all points in the life cycle of a women in technology – from girls to professional women – and encourages each audience to embrace their femininity and “girlishness” as an asset and strength. We will continue to incorporate these tenets into our overall programming with confidence and vigor, as these are our core values. Our primary goal is to produce initiatives that make an impact on society, and we feel that focusing on semantics detracts from our mission.

At Girls in Tech, we believe that deep down, we’re all still girls at heart. No matter where we are in life, the corporate ladder, how successful we are, or how much money we earn, we … as women leaders, professionals, mothers or sisters will always be “girls” first and foremost … especially away from the boardroom and the home.  Plus, we wanted to brand Girls in Tech as a “young,” “hip,” “progressive,” cutting-edge,” and “NOW” organization … hence the name “Girls in Tech.”

“Lady Pitch Night” is the name of an EVENT that we created … not the description of a person or a professional.  We want to brand the event as a “Woman-Only” pitch event … and “Female Pitch Night” or “Women Pitch Night” just doesn’t cut it in terms of flow, branding, hipness and edginess.  Much like “Ladies Room” sounds MUCH BETTER than “Women’s Room” or “Female Room,” Girls in Tech believes that “Lady Pitch Night” is the best way to brand the event, grow the event worldwide and leave a lasting impression.

Moving Forward with Wonderful Websites

Webdesign, Layout, Website

As we start to near the finish line of our very first global classroom, GIT WEB 101, the students have navigated infographics, wireframes and more with ease, and we are now introducing webpage design. The girls are constructing two websites, one each for weeks 4 and 5, before we take on our final project together (but more on that later).

The World Wide Web launched in 1990, and became free to use by anyone in 1993, meaning all of our Generation Z girls in the global classroom are younger than the first websites. Over the last 20 plus years, the language, design and usability of websites has evolved and revolutionized dozens of times.

Hyptertext Markup Language, or HTML, is a form of coding used for many websites to layout the text and images as well as format and function. It is this new language that many of the already bilingual (and trilingual and multilingual) girls in GIT WEB 101 are learning. But with this new language, they’re telling a familiar story: their own. Week 4 challenged each of the students to create their own personal website and to share their personalities through the text, design and content. The girls have shared pictures of their hometowns, photos of dream vacations, favorite celebrities and artists, song suggestions and favorite foods and recipes, which has by far been the most popular.

This variety of interests wonderfully represents the diversity among the classmates of GIT WEB 101.The final project will challenge students to collaborate and create a GIT Tumblr page. The girls are already bringing their stories to an online platform with creativity and adventurous design choices. With the help of sponsor, GoDaddy, our students now have their own domain names and hosting services for the next six months! We can’t wait to see what they’ll continue to learn and create even after the course is completed. Stay tuned for more on the classroom during the final weeks!

GITWEB101: Infographics and Inspiration

It’s almost the halfway point for the first Girls in Tech Global classroom course. The digital classroom is composed of girls ages 13–18 who represent a variety of nations, including Denmark, England, Pakistan, Tunisia and the United States.

Recently, students completed their Web Design Process Infographic assignments and shared the visuals on the GITWEB101 Pinterest. All of the girls adopted the same five steps of web design: plan, design, develop, launch and post launch. But the colorful and creative interpretations of each infographic couldn’t be more different. Some students opted for whimsical designs with quirky cartoons, while others selected clean type set off against patterned backgrounds.

The infographics are laid out similarly to single page website designs. This format has received recognition on the appropriately named, One Page Love, which also has its own Pinterest board. While the girls in GITWEB101 haven’t been featured on this website (yet!), they have shown plenty of support and encouragement to one another in the Facebook group. From feedback on assignments to reminders of sources and even to encouragement during a bad day or individual extracurricular activities, the girls help one another in the classroom and beyond.

   FB          Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.33.06 AM

With three weeks of class time remaining, this little virtual community is sure to grow! Despite geological boarders and time zones, the girls connect with their common interests and support each other. And while completing challenging web designs, a kind community of fellow students is exactly what everyone – girls and women in tech alike – needs to succeed.

The Inspiring Lives and Legacies of Women in Science and Technology

The White House recently launched a website dedicated to promoting the growth and awareness of women in STEM [].The Untold History of Women in Science and Technology offers users the opportunity to listen to women from the Obama administration share the stories of the women in STEM who influenced them. Users can also make an impact on future generations by sharing their own stories.  
“Telling and sharing these stories will actively help create more of them in the future,” the website reads. “Research shows us that a key part of inspiring more young people to pursue careers in science and technology is simply sharing the stories of role models like them in these fields who have had a significant impact on our world.”
Despite some beliefs, STEM communities have not always been densely populated by males. Prior to the mid-1980s many of computing pioneers were women and the number of women who studied STEM subjects was greater. However, there was a sharp decline in this area in 1984. Modern studies claim gender reinforcement and poor marketing may have been the cause.
At the time computers were transitioning into the home environment, and the idea that computers were meant for males had begun to circulate. That narrative became a defining feature of the science and tech culture. This new website aims to dispel these previously held notions and increase current involvement of women in STEM by remarketing and addressing younger audiences.
Currently, women hold less than 30 percent of computer science positions and there has been little employment development in STEM jobs since 2000. However, women in STEM positions make almost 35 percent more than in non-STEM jobs and the wage gap is also smaller compared to their male counterparts. Proving opportunities, offering early hands-on experience and encouraging positive exposure to STEM fields is an essential part in bolstering interest for women as well as increasing economic success.
When you commit to encouraging a woman to pursue a career in STEM, you are committing yourself to a future of innovation and change. Make progress happen. Honor the history women in STEM. Share your stories. Visit The Untold History of Women in Science and Technology website or check out some of the many programs offered by Girls In Tech.

AMPLIFY application criteria

AMPLIFY application criteria.
How To Enter AMPLIFY 2013 Entrepreneurial Business Pitch Competition
1.) Fill out the AMPLIFY 2013 application form and profile online [INSERT LINK HERE] or if you already have a Vator startup profile, you can easily submit that.
You may continue updating your online application up to the closing date of September 9, 2013 at noon PST.
2.) Two voting rounds – Popular voting and the Vator scoring round.In the first round, Vator will apply its proprietary scoring system, which acts as a filter to rank startups. This scoring system is based on the backers and investors, so startups are encouraged to build their profiles in order to get extra points and be noticed. Simultaneously, popular voting will be taking place, which means that startups can encourage friends, family, fans, colleagues and investors to vote for them and spread the word on their behalf. The top 18 startups will go onto the second round or the “Judges’ Round” in which judges will evaluate startups based on three criterion:
a.) Novelty/Innovation
b.) Commercial Viability
c.) Team
3.) Submit your application form by September 9, 2013 no later than noon PST.
Submission dates will start on July 15, 2013 and ends on September 9, 2013.
4.) Vator and Girls in Tech will notify the top 10 finalists on September 17, 2013 at noon PST. At this time, Vator and Girls in Tech will provide finalists with instructions regarding the live presentations to the panel of high-profile judges and the overall conference on October 8, 2013.
5.) All applicants are invited to participate in the conference on October 8, 2013 at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. The 10 finalists will pitch live at AMPLIFY 2013 [INSERT LINK]
The event will be live-streamed via Ustream at [INSERT LINK] (#AMPLIFY)
The winning startup at AMPLIFY 2013 will receive:
·      A meeting with a top VC (Marc Andreessen)
·      A one-year service to Amazon Web Services
·      Usage of a desk at co-working space XYZ
·      Access to promote the winning start-up to Girls in Tech & Vator’s combined network of over 20,000 people
·      2 Free tickets to VatorSplash
·      An interview with TechStars founder, Brad Feld
·      Immediate entry to GIT360, Girls in Tech’s Entrepreneur Labs Program in 2014
·      A meeting with top angel investor and seasoned entrepreneur, Naval Ravikant
·      Seed funding sponsored by XYZ
More prizes to be announced!
Judges who will be present at the live conference on October 8, 2013:  [INCLUDE LINKS TO BIOS] (FYI – these are place holders)
Judges [INCLUDE LINKS TO BIOS] (FYI – these are place holders)
How to get your application kicked-off!
Applying to AMPLIFY 2013 is a cinch!
1.   Fill out the online application form for AMPLIFY here [INSERT LINK] The application deadline is September 9, 2013 at noon PST – This is a very straight forward application, however, should be the center of the applicants’ focus since investors as well as the general public (anyone who has access to the internet), will be able to vote for you.
2.   Promote your product profile on Vator to your friends, family and people within your network – Your Vator profile serves as a product or service overview and pitch, which should be straight forward but also, excite and entice visitors to vote for you. Your profile can include text, photos as well as video, which provide you with multiple ways to be creative, dynamic and animated in capturing your audience. The video should highlight the “secret sauce” and elements of your big light bulb idea to entice people to vote for you above anyone else applying to the competition. The photo size should be [INSERT SIZE] and the video size should be [INSERT SIZE] and should be uploaded to Vator’s voting platform here [INSERT LINK].
The top 10 finalists will be invited to present at the AMPLIFY 2013 Competition at the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay on October 8th. If you are selected as a finalist, at least two members of your team must present at the conference.
1.   The founding team must have at least one female
2.   The product or service should be a web or mobile-based product (either in the B2C or B2B domain). Hardware products will be considered if it is a bona fide “technology” product.
3.   Your product prototype must be in alpha or beta mode.
4.   Your company should have raised no more than $1.5M in funding
5.  AMPLIFY is focused on passionate entrepreneurs with that “light bulb idea” that is considered to be disruptive, useful and/or that solves a problem.