The Most Innovative Universities in the World

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Looking for a leading-edge education? Perhaps you’ll find inspiration here. Reuters just revealed its annual ranking of the world’s most innovative universities for the third consecutive year. At a glance, the list is not too different from prior years; 9 of last year’s top 10 universities still sit at the top. Large universities with globally recognized programs comprise the most prominent placements for both the United State and Western Europe.

Innovative universities

These universities boast progressive research and program specifically designed to advance science and invent new technologies. Continued production of research and new technologies are the primary criteria required to make the list. Compiling the list started with looking at the universities who were producing the most research. Then, each university was evaluated across 10 metrics, also taking into account published papers and pending patents.

Coming in at the number one spot is Stanford, a continued leader in our hyper-technical, connective world. Stanford also benefits from continually feeding into Silicon Valley in the way of raw talent and life-changing technologies. After all, from Stanford came the early, basic standard for the Internet. And respected leaders from the likes of Google, Netflix and Intel got their start there.

No surprise, but right on Stanford’s heels are MIT, Harvard and University of Pennsylvania.

Other notable findings from this year’s list:

  • In Belgium, KU Leuven was the highest-ranked university outside of the U.S. The university is nearly 600-years old, and has one of the largest and most respected research organizations in the world.
  • Two universities in South Korea represented Asia in the top 20. One of the universities teaches most classes in English.
  • 51 of the universities came from North America, 26 from Europe, 20 in Asia and just three in the middle east.
  • University of Pennsylvania went from spot number eight last year to number four this year.

See the full list here.

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