Girls in Tech’s Sophia Mahfooz Promoted to COO

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We have exciting news on the Girls in Tech Corporate front: we’re expanding our leadership team by promoting Sophia Mahfooz to Chief Operating Officer! Sophia has been with Girls in Tech for more than a year in the Director of Global Partnerships Role, where she’s made a remarkable impact in such a short time. In her new role as COO, Sophia will be empowered to drive even more opportunities, partnerships and structure for Girls in Tech as we continue to grow.

Girls in Tech's new head of global partnerships

“Sophia brings incredible dedication and work ethic to Girls in Tech. Her leadership and can-do attitude have impacted everyone from our members to our partners to our chapter directors,” said Adriana Gascoigne, founder and CEO of Girls in Tech. “She brings a very process-driven approach to the organization and fresh perspective. These are things that we need now more than ever as we continue to grow and scale thoughtfully.”

While she has her hands in nearly every aspect of the organization, Sophia’s played a critical role in developing new partnerships since her arrival at Girls in Tech. Sophia has worked directly with some of the biggest names in tech to build custom programming for high-tech companies and leverage her proposal skills to create innovate new initiatives for the organization while focusing on removing bottlenecks to streamline workflows and effectively scale the organization.

Sophia’s promotion to COO marks a major milestone for Girls in Tech, as we mature from a lean and scrappy corporate team to an experienced team with global reach. In parallel with Sophia’s promotion, Girls in Tech is hiring to fill several critical roles, including business development and marketing and individual program directors. Girls in Tech now has more than 60,000 members across more than 60 global chapters. The organization continues to steadily expand since its inception in 2007.

“What excites me most about this is Girls in Tech’s massive potential for global change,” Sophia said. “With a global brand and such a large membership base, there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

About Sophia

Sophia joined Girls in Tech by way of London, though she is original from Afghanistan. Her foray into operations kicked off at just 18, when she worked for Sky, Europe’s largest entertainment and technology company. There, she realized she had a special knack for identifying bottlenecks in organizational workflows and as an intrapreneur she presented solutions to help the company save time and money.

Sophia’s passion for education also started at a young age. While studying at University, Sophia took the initiative to write and research a proposal in her spare time, which she then submitted it to England’s Department of Education. Her proposal was eventually accepted and funded by the Department, resulting in The Ideas College, the first creative- tech chartered school to be fully funded by the government.  The school currently works with disadvantaged students, leveraging personalized education, cutting edge technology and a creative curriculum.

In 2015 Sophia won the undergraduate category for the London Entrepreneurs Challenge. She went on to represent London at Europe’s Mega Brainstorm Grand Finale alongside candidates from Germany, France and Belgium, and won the international business competition. In 2015 Sophia moved to Silicon Valley and worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence and Startup Mentor at Draper University.

Through it all, Sophia has been actively involved in women’s rights, education and empowerment. Sophia is a selected committee member in Parliament focusing on initiatives for Afghan women. She aims to use her expertise in technology, education and policy to scale the Girls in Tech programs and initiatives around the world.

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  • Sophia Mahfouz is an incridable Afghan youth
    Who will top talent human capacity for world wide women and proud of Afghanistan and world citizen.

    Afghanistan young women higher education
    Is critical. Farkhundatrust will be proud if there is any partnership possibility to support disadvantage girls scholarship in Afghanistan
    In relevant field to to girls in tech. In Afghanistan.

    I am personly proud of Sophia who was one of FT speaker and supporter.

    Kind regards
    Rahela sidiqi
    Founding Director of Farkhunda Trust
    Tel: 0044 7474199164

  • Jay Tolentino says:

    Many congrats to Sophia and the GiT team!

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