We’re Partnering with S&P Global to Offer Free Programming Courses to Women Around the World!

  • By: joannafurlong
  • Posted: April 5, 2017

Girls in Tech, in partnership with S&P Global, will be launching Global Classroom on April 10, a comprehensive online technology program targeted to women around the world. This eight-week course teaches critical science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills needed for a career in computer programming, while also providing participants with valuable eMentors from S&P Global, a digital data and analytics company. The most exciting part? The program is absolutley free to girls and women and it’s available anywhere around the world!

Girls in Tech Global Classroom

“As the largest non-profit dedicated to empowering women in technology, we want to continue to eliminate barriers of entry for women,” said Adriana Gascoigne, Founder and CEO of Girls in Tech. “No matter where she may be located, what social constraints she may have, we want to make sure that all girls and women have access to technical skills that will define their future.”

During the course, up to 350 students will learn how to code using WordPress Open API, be given training material, assignments, discussion opportunities, and eMentors. Participants will only need access to a computer with a web browser, internet access, and basic knowledge of web browsing. S&P Global will provide eMentors from their company to ensure that every student has the support they need to learn.

“At S&P Global, we are always looking for innovative ways and people to leverage technology and data to drive new business value. We realize the importance of a diverse workforce and are committed to supporting the next generation of women leaders in technology, math and analytics,” said S&P Global Chief Information Officer Krishna Nathan. “We are thrilled to partner with Girls in Tech to inspire today’s students to accomplish this goal.”

The Global Classroom kicks off April 10 and ends May 26, 2017.  Learn more about Global Classroom here.

5 thoughts on “We’re Partnering with S&P Global to Offer Free Programming Courses to Women Around the World!

  • Annie Yang says:

    Hi there,

    I just came across this program info today! I moved to San Francisco Bay Area from Shanghai. As a new immigrant, it’s hard for me to get a job. I have tried to learn some basic programming HTML, CSS by myself but find it’s difficult to continue studying only by myself. So I really really want to attend a study program! ! I have been searching online looking for study programs for beginners until I found Girls in Tech!

    I am wondering is there any possibility to join the program? I hope it’s not too late. Since I am so eager to join a learn community and learn programming!

    Thank you very much! I would appreciate your reply!

    Annie Yang

    • joannafurlong says:

      Hi Annie – welcome to San Francisco! The program is full but keep your eyes out for future programs. Also, follow the Girls in Tech SF chapter on Twitter and Facebook to learn about local events. @GITSF

      • Annie Yang says:

        Thank you Joanna! I am glad to know you have future programs! I will keep an eye for that and other events.


  • T. Pridgen says:

    Hi! I am an S&P Global employee and I was pleased and proud to see my company’s support for your program. I must say, though, I don’t think it was widely promoted internally. I only learned of it *after* the 10th! I have two daughters with interest in your program so I will keep an eye out for future opportunities. Question: Do you currently do any work with the Girl Scouts USA?

    • joannafurlong says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Tracy. Much appreciated. We don’t currently do anything with Girl Scouts (we target more Millennial women in the first 5-15 years of their career), but we’ll keep you posted if something changes. I’ve also forwarded your comment on to the team so everyone can benefit from your feedback. Thank you so much.

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