We’re Teaching the World How to Code. Sign up for Global Classroom!

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What’s cooler than a coding class? A virtual coding class—where there’s no need to fight traffic, you can network with classmates and teachers worldwide and—here’s the best part—it’s FREE!

Girls in Tech’s Global Classroom is now open for applicants, thanks to our partnership with S&P Global. This program is specifically for young girls and women, worldwide, who want to develop the tech chops they need to build a kick-ass website. And, if you enroll via the link before, it’s totally free!

Girls in Tech Global Classroom

What is Girls in Tech Global Classroom?

The Girls in Tech Global Classroom Program is a program to educate and engage girls and women around the world interested in coding. The 2017 Global Classroom Program will be an inaugural program encompassing a technical eight-week course on “How to Make a Website with WordPress.org Open API” complete with training material, eMentors, assignments, and opportunities for discussion.

The program runs April 3 to May 26.

What you need to participate

The only requirements are:

  • Access to a computer with a web browser and internet
  • Basic familiarity with a computer
  • Basic familiarity with a web browser
  • General understanding of how the web works, as a user

Hurry – you must apply by March 20! Click here to learn more about the program and to apply.

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