Girls in Tech Brazil Honored in “Inspiring Women 2016”

  • By: joannafurlong
  • Posted: January 19, 2017

Girls in Tech Brazil was recently honored by inclusion in the list of prominent women and women’s organizations in Inspiring Women 2016. The list is run by website Think Olga, an important feminist Think Tank in Brazil that seeks to recognize standout women across the country. The list, now in its third year running, is designed to combat the lack of recognition of work carried out and developed by women across Brazil.

Girls in Tech Brazil team

Girls in Tech Brazil’s pitch competition team

Not only is it an incredible honor for Girls in Tech Brazil to make the list, but the honor is even more incredible because it was recognized by the community—there is no way to formally apply for Inspiring Women. Rather, the community defines which initiatives are worthy of the award. Congratulations to the team at Girls in Tech Brazil!

Think Olga is a feminist project that was created in 2013 by journalist Juliana de Faria. Her goal: create content that reflects the complexity of women and treat them with the seriousness that people capable of defining the world’s directions deserve. Think Olga’s mission is to empower women through information and fight for women to have more choices and to guarantee they can make their choices in an informed and consented way without needing to apologize.

Girls in Tech Brazil’s Lady Pitch Night brought great visibility to the Brazil chapter. The number of entries surpassed everyone’s expectations, as well as the positive response from sponsors and supporters.

Think Olga refers to Girls in Tech Brazil as “the NGO [that] promotes lectures and engages women who work with the new technologies. It held the first edition of the Latin American Lady Pitch Night (LPN) in São Paulo, an early stage business competition focused on founded startups or co-founded by women. The winner was the startup Brand Lovers, market place of beauty, and the event received around 30 registered from all over the country. The NGO has several representatives in the executive direction and as members of the advisory council: Beatriz Meirelles, Estelle Rinaudo, Juliana Sampaio, Loana Felix Santos, Mariana Fonseca, Monique Almeida, Nayara Moia, Renata Frade and Soraia Andrade.”

Keep an eye on Girls in Tech Brazil in 2017. They’ll be maintaining the monthly meetings in São Paulo, will host monthly meetings in Rio de Janeiro as well as increase events in Florianópolis and in other cities of the country.



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